Gifts - Perfect Way to Strengthen Relationships

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Special occasions in life are always marked by gift giving. Whether it is birthdays or anniversaries or more important days like a wedding or graduation or the birth of a baby, people like to greet the one who is celebrating with a gift. There are also special days like Valentine’s Day or Christmas which cannot go by without the exchange of gifts. Gifts give joy not only to the receiver but also to the giver. Thus it is doubly blessed.

Women Shopping

It is delightful to give gifts. But the dilemma always is what to give. Often people are perplexed and at their wits and not knowing what to give. They go from store to store looking for something unique or precious and something that will suit their budgets.

Mementos and flowers are generally chosen as gifts, but those who are discerning and would like to be remembered for their gift for a long time, would go that extra mile to take the trouble of personalising gifts. When gifts are personalised, it becomes all the more precious to the receiver and it will not be put away as just another nice gift.

Personalising gifts can start with something as simple as putting the person’s name or even a photograph on a mug. Or it can be as exotic as crystal balls with photographs in them. For new born babies, personalised gifts are a plenty to choose from. Photo frames with baby’s name or little booties silver plated with name engraved or even Christmas tree ornaments to announce “Baby’s First Christmas”. These ornaments come in many different shapes and nursery figures and some have a place to put a picture in. Another very unique gift which can be on one’s table all year long is a photo calendar.
Valentine's Day Gift
This is not very expensive either. Here every month of the year has a picture you choose to put on it. It can be of holidays or fun times together or of kids and parties. So this way, there is variety for every month and a look at it on a busy day brings a smile to the face.

Some gifts are even more personal like on Valentine’s Day or a gift given by a husband to a wife. Here people choose to express their love. Often, it is in the shape of a heart with the name or a simple message like ‘I love you’ engraved on it. It could be an open pendant or a locket where one opens the heart to see the picture inside. This kind of a locket has been a treasured gift even from pre-Victorian times.

Gifts given on Mother’s Day generally express the child’s gratitude and love to the mother. Often, these are wall hangings which can be put up in the kitchen or in the mother’s personal space and is really heart-warming for the mom. Sometimes little trophies with “World’s Best Mom/Dad” are also given.

Mothers Day Gift

More expressive than gifts can be cards for different occasions which can express, in beautiful words, what a person is unable to convey on his own. They say the most appropriate words to echo the sentiments of the heart. Words said are heard just once but the words on these cards can be read over and over again bringing joy every time it is read. The cards can be proudly displayed on the mantelpiece to proclaim to everyone who visits that the person is truly loved and remembered. Another great advantage is that cards can be sent to any corner of the world where it may not be possible to send gifts. And years later even when the individual has grandchildren, he/she can look over the cards received for a true Valentine when the person was young.


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Retro Planet

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Young or old, people of all ages cherish gifts and cards since they are truly expressions of genuine love.