Gifts - Give Your Emotions a Language

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

“A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”
Every day, we see people sharing gifts with each other, often we are on the giving or the receiving ends, but have we ever contemplated how much gifts actually mean to a relationship? All we do is strive to buy the most expensive or precious things we can find, but have we ever wondered if that really makes for the best gift? Today, no matter what you are celebrating, gifts have become one of the most central parts of any occasion; but only when you understand the true essence of giving a gift, can you truly give someone the best gift of their lives!

Whether it is Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other significant occasion of your life, the practice of giving and receiving gifts is quite common. However, it is not the monetary value of the gift that actually counts, but something much more than that. It is the intention and emotion behind that gift that makes the whole difference. A simple handmade card expressing your emotions is worth much more than any expensive piece of jewelry given without consideration.

Girl With GiftTherefore, selecting the right gift for the right person is considered an art in itself. Understanding what the other person will hold dear to their heart can only be possible when you really make an effort to understand them and make them happy. The best gift is the one that is given so that the other person can find it useful in any way. A true gift is one that creates memories for a lifetime.
For every relationship in life, whether it is your parents, kids, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or your friends, gifts are a symbol of appreciation. They indicate that you acknowledge and value the presence of these relations in your life and are willing to make an effort to keep them with you forever.

What to Gift?
There are no standard rules for selecting a gift, it is not one-size-fits-all. Every gift is unique to the relationship between the giver and the receiver. However, there are some gifts that are generally considered as the best. A box of chocolates and sweets, perfume or a cute little soft toy is usually something that is given to girls regularly. Watches, wallets and ties are some things that are commonly given to boys. If you are planning to go for a slightly more expensive gift, jewelry for girls and gadgets for boys are ideal.

Wedding Gift
When it comes to giving gifts to your parents, give them something relaxing. A day’s treatment at a spa or a small holiday trip to a beautiful location where they can enjoy themselves can be best. Above all, what makes for the best gifts are usually photographs or memoirs. Whether it is a recollection of old photos or a journal of events and emotions felt at that time, it is something that will be cherished by the receiver for a lifetime.

Where to Get the Best Gifts?
Once you know what you want to buy, getting your hands on it is no trouble at all, not with the latest technology! All you have to do is to get to your nearest computer, find a gift website, place your order and voila! Your gift will be off to its destination. While you can find numerous online gifting sites, the two sites that offer some wonderful gifts are Harry & David, and ThinkGeek.

Harry and DavidHarry & David is a gifting company that began in 2005 as an online venture. However, it has been in business for a much longer time than that, working as one of the oldest gift mail delivery company. Whether you want to send someone assorted chocolate truffles, sweets, gourmet foods, fragrant flowers, the best quality fresh fruits such as pears, apples and oranges, or a complete gift basket accompanied by a greeting card, this is the perfect stop for you to order your gift.

ThinkGeekThinkGeek, another site which although is not exclusively a gift site, is a perfect place to shop for some of the best gift items. Started back in 1999, the website allows you to order gifts from a wide variety of things. From clothing, electronics, gadgets, office stuff to books, toys and edibles, you can find everything for everyone right here on this site.